Bottlecraft (Little Italy): San Diego, CA

Bottlecraft is one of the better beer stores in San Diego with a few different locations (this article being about Little Italy). They carry a great selection of brews from all over the world, but you’ll find most of the selection California based. The Little Italy location is pretty awesome because it also doubles up as a beer bar. You can grab a beer and go shopping. It reminds me a bit of City Beer Store (San Francisco) because you can either grab a pint from one of their 18 taps or buy a bottle from their shop for onsite consumption. The tap list alone is worth checking out even if you’re not planning on going shopping.

Bottlecraft Little Italy
2161 India St
San Diego CA, 92101

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Ritual Tavern: San Diego, CA

Yet another great spot in the North Park area of San Diego. I’ve always liked this place and most of the time I’ve been here were for bottle shares. The draft list isn’t the largest in the area, but there always seems to be good stuff on tap centralized around Southern California breweries. The inside feels like an old pub except with way better beer. There’s an outdoor area in the back and front of the restaurant with an overhang which will usually stays open all year round. From my experience, the food here has also been great and I’ve always ordered either the Sheppard’s Pie (available in vegan) or the Burger. I haven’t found myself hanging here for an entire night, but have mostly found this as a place to get a good beer and some great food before heading out.

Ritual Tavern
4095 30th St
San Diego, California

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Toronado: San Diego, CA

Toronado. Duh! If you don’t know the name, it’s likely you don’t know much about the California beer scene.

A West Coast staple regardless of whether you’re at the original location in San Francisco, or the second location in San Diego. This is another gem in the North Park area of San Diego. There’s usually something from Russian River (Pliny a lot of times) and a great selection of other beers from around the country with a concentration around California beers.

It’s not as dive-ie as the San Francisco location and has actually recently gotten a facelift with the expansion into the surrounding storefront. The blue half-door stays the same as the other location though (you’ll know when you see it). Aside from the great beer selection, the food is also great. I’ll usually get the Pork Belly skewers which have always been amazing. An outdoor seating area is a great way to spend the night in the great San Diego weather. This is THE place to visit if you are into beer and visiting San Diego.

4026 30th St
San Diego, California

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Tiger! Tiger!: San Diego, CA


This is one of several favorite must-stop places in the North Park area of San Diego. This one is a beer bar that’s a bit different from most. This one sort of has a beer-garden type of feel with long picnic table seating. There are no waiters or waitresses..or actual bar seating. You order your beer at the counter, they bring it to you and you go back to your seat. It’s a bit different, but I like it. No need to flag someone down to try to get what you want and the beer line goes really quickly.

The tap list has been great all the times I’ve visited usually having some local California beers mixed up with some out of state goodies. There’s an outdoor seating area that closes at around 10PM, but there’s plenty of room inside to find a spot to sit. They also offer free bread at night which is a nice plus if you’re drinking it up for the the long haul.

3025 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92104

Picture Credit to the Tiger!Tiger!

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Parker Pie: West Glover, VT

If you’ve taken the trip up to Hill Farmstead, why not go a little further North? Parker Pie is only 20 minutes from Hill Farmstead and a nice place to grab a pint, grab some pizza, do some beer shopping and relax outside. They consistently have great beers on tap and there has been regular sightings of Cantillon bottles for sale (in house consumption). The general store and small pizzeria is open during the day, the larger bar portion opens up at night and the outside deck is always open.

Parker Pie
161 County Rd
West Glover, VT 05875

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Lost Nation Brewing: Morristown, VT


If you’ve driven to Hill Farmstead from Waterbury, then chances are you’ve likely driven right past Lost Nation. Take a few minutes on your way up next time to stop here. The food is excellent, they have a large outdoor beer garden and offer a flight featuring all of their beers for a reasonable price. Although they do several different styles of beer, their flagship Gose is the way to go.

Lost Nation Brewing
87B Old Creamery Road
Morristown, VT 05661

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Craft Beer Cellar: Waterbury, VT

In an obviously good choice of locations, this craft beer store opened a location sandwiched between Prohibition Pig, Blackback and The Reservoir. This is basically a one stop shop for all things beer. They have an excellent selection of Vermont beers along with variety of others available from other parts of the world. They have a growler filling station with a tap list that changes regularly. They also sell home brewing equipment and supplies and have a constant fresh supply of hops and yeast. In addition, they sell different types of artisinal mustard, jelly and maple syrup for those that aren’t into beer. This is worth checking out – especially since it’s so convenient and located centrally in beer alley.

Craft Beer Cellar
3 Elm St
Waterbury, VT 05676

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