The Cork and Craft: San Diego, CA

Beer flights at The Cork & Craft

Beer flights at The Cork & Craft

The Cork and Craft / Abnormal Beer Co is a newer spot that’s popped up in Northern San Diego and already making some waves.

It’s a unique all-in-one place that brews their own beer and makes their own wine. They seem to be pretty well connected considering they’ve already done collaborations with The Bruery, Alpine Brewery, St Archer and Mostra Coffee Roasters within their first year of opening. Their beers are good – real good – which makes it nice that they offer flights to taste a few of them in a sitting.

The 40-something tap list speaks for itself and you can find a nicely curated selection of beer outside of what they brew onsite. The selection is diverse and ranges over many different styles from Lambic to Double IPAs with a concentration on California beers. They also have a nice bottle selection and occasionally offer some vintage bottles.

The food menu is diverse and offers something for everyone – whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian. The good thing is that although the food is certainly on the higher end, the price point is reasonable so it won’t break your wallet.

This is worth visiting regardless of whether it’s for a pint or dinner. It’s worth the drive further up North. It’s also only 15 minutes from Stone Brewery and The Lost Abbey, so there’s always that too.

The Cork & Craft

The Cork & Craft
16990 Via Tazon
San Diego, CA 92127


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