Hopwater Distribution: San Francisco, CA

This is a newer bar (yes bar, not a distributor) that opened up in the middle of the city bordering Nob Hill and Tenderloin areas. Although this place is large, it may be a little difficult to find since there isn’t a sign for it outside. The building looks a bit old, but the inside is comfortable with two floors of seating and a pretty large bar space. Hopwater specializes solely in California breweries that are located mostly in the Bay area. They also feature a great menu that is designed to pair well with the beers you’re drinking. One plus of this bar was that they bring in a lot of lesser known breweries that aren’t in other bars around the city. This was the bar that introduced me to Tahoe Mountain’s beers and I’ve been thankful since. Order the chicken sandwich and support some Cali goodness.

Hopwater Distribution

850 Bush St, San Francisco, CA


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