Black Tuesday Release Party: Placentia, CA

One of the benefits of joining the Reserve Society for The Bruery –aside from getting exclusive access to nearly all of their limited batch beers – is that you have the opportunity to go to the Black Tuesday release party. Living in New Jersey, I didn’t think that the chances would be too good for me to go to this event. First thing that you need to do is buy tickets. The only people that have the ability to purchase tickets are members of the Hoarders Society and Reserve Society but even with tickets limited to members only, the event still sold out within minutes. I was lucky enough to grab two tickets to the late Saturday session.

Although the tickets were $70 and seemed like a lot of money, the price included a bottle of Black Tuesday from 2012, unlimited Hottenroth, 7 tasters of different variations of Black Tuesday and a meal from a food truck that was catering the event. The food is a necessity considering that 7 tasters of an 18.3% ABV barrel aged imperial stout can really knock you on your ass if you’re drinking on an empty stomach.

I arrived at the Bruery and was surprised to see that the release party wasn’t taking place in their tasting room. Instead, they opened the garage door to the back of the brewery and were directing people inside through there. Patrick Rue (Bruery founder) was in attendance and mingling with guests and talking beer with everyone. The staff was dressed in 1920’s formalwear and greeting the guests at the door with a program of what was going on for the event. The program gave a bit of information about the release party itself and also acted as the voucher to give access to all tasters. As I received a sample of each variation, they crossed out the name on the list to keep track. The variations offered were:

• Black Tuesday 2013
• Black Tuesday Nitro
• Some Mo’ Black Tuesday (Black Tuesday with Caramel, Coconut and Cacao)
• Grey Monday (Black Tuesday with Hazelnut)
• Melange #1 (Black Tuesday & Oude Tart blend)
• Boysenberry Black Tuesday (Black Tuesday with Boysenberry)
• Raspberry & Cacao Black Tuesday (Black Tuesday with Cacao and Raspberry)

Of all the variants, my favorite was the decadent Some Mo’ Black Tuesday. The party lasted for close to three hours which was plenty of time to try all the variations and with a little time to grab a sandwich at the food truck. The event itself was pretty simple and everything ran very smoothly. When there were lines for beers, the wait was only for a minute. After the event was over, I took a walk over to the tasting room and picked up my bottle of 2012 Black Tuesday which was included in the ticket price and went about the rest of the day. It was a great experience and yet another reason why I love being a member of the Reserve Society. I’ll be trying to get tickets again next year.

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