Sour Sandy Benefit: Highlands, NJ

This past October, Super Bitch – I mean Super Storm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore. The entire coast of New Jersey was affected in one way or another. Being someone that lives in a shore community in NJ, I saw the devastation first hand. The town I live in suffered massive amounts of flood damage and ncluded in this damage was my favorite local beer bar – Twin Light Taphouse

Twin Light Taphouse is a young beer bar / gastropub located in Highlands, NJ. It’s only been open for a couple of years, but has made an impact in the NJ Craft Beer Community. People have come from all over the tristate area to visit this place for its awesome tap list and delicious food. It’s also one of the few bars in my town that I visit frequently. The other bar that I visit in my town is a sports bar called The Chubby Pickle.

This past week the Chubby Pickle partnered with Carton Brewing to launch a benefit night for the staff of Twin Light Taphouse who have been out of work since the storm. At this event, the entire Twin Light Taphouse staff would be bartending and waiting on customers at the Chubby Pickle and keeping the proceeds. Carton Brewing helped with the efforts by releasing a couple of specialty beers only found at this event. One of the beers was appropriately named Sour Sandy.

A couple days before the storm, Carton Brewing brewed a beer on their pilot system with the intention to make a sour version of their Carton of Milk Stout. After run off, they were going to let it sit for a two day lactic rest. But, after Hurricane Sandy hit, the brewery lost power and as a result the lactic rest was extended to seven days at 40 degrees. Carton decided to pitch some yeast to see what would happen and ended up with a really tasty sour stout. This beer was called Sour Sandy and was the centerpiece for the event.

I got there a little early to get seating and was glad that I did. Only minutes after the event began, Sour Sandy was kicked. Another beer that Carton brought was called “Highlander Weiss” which was a version of their Berlinner Weisse Monkey Chased The Weasel, but without the mulberry flavoring. This beer was served in the traditional Belgian fashion with a different flavoring added after being poured. This was another tasty beer, and kicked pretty quickly too.

Some other Carton beers served that night were 07732, which is a version of Carton’s 077XX brewed specifically for Twin Light Taphouse using Cascade hops. They also had the fan favorites such as Pumpkin, Boat Beer, and BDG. From what I heard, they went through 14 kegs that night.

The entire event went really well and there were twice as many people as expected. Needless to say, the Tap House crew was pretty busy and worked hard to earn every dollar that night. Mark, the owner of Tap House got on top of the bar and showed his gratitude, thanking everyone for coming out to show support, and he received a much earned round of applause.

This event truly was a prime example of the immense support the craft beer community can have for one another. There were at least a hundred people who came out, drank great beer, and provided support to a small business when in need. Everyone in town misses the Twin Light Taphouse, and hopefully it’ll open again soon. But until then, I’ll be headed to The Chubby Pickle as my regular spot.

Twin Light Taphouse:
128 Bay Ave
Highlands, NJ 07732

Carton Brewing
6 East Washington Ave
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

The Chubby Pickle
23 Bay Ave
Highlands, NJ 07732


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