Maine Beer Company: King Titus

I tried my first beer from Maine Beer Company a few years ago while in Boston at Extreme Beer Fest. I bought the bottle at a small bottle shop downtown really and didn’t know what to expect. The bottle artwork for all of the Maine Beer Company Beers is very underwhelming. They all typically have a Times New Roman or similar font with a very small picture on the front of them. But that’s perfectly fine and I prefer it that way. This brewery doesn’t need to sell their beer on flashy art or some type of gimmick. Their beer sells itself.

King Titus looks how a porter should look: dark brown with a healthy head that takes a few minutes to fade down, but never quite disappearing. There was a little bit of lacing left on the Hill Farmstead glass I drank it from.

This beer smells of roasted malts with hints of chocolate. There’s some sweetness to the smell and I can get a good idea of how this is going to taste before even drinking it. It’s what I typically look for in a porter. The burnt and roasted scent blends together and I’m sure that this is going to be a great beer.

Just as expected, roasted malts blended with chocolate. It’s not an in-your-face sort of beer though. Your entire mouth will be completely enveloped in chocolate, roasted malt and slight coffee, but there’s a bit of bitterness in the beginning that is short lived. The hops have no say in this beer and the stage is set for roast and chocolate.

Mouth feel for this is great. It’s incredibly silky and creamy. Although this is a full bodied porter, you know it’s a porter and not a stout.

Overall, this is another incredible beer from Maine Beer Company. I’ve been enjoying all of their releases and I’m sort of convinced that they can’t do any wrong. You should seek this out if you’re in Maine, NJ, NY, CT or MD. This beer really shows you never to judge a book by its cover.


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