Blue Palms Brewhouse: Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been wanting to check this place out for a while after reading about it on Draft Magazine’s top 100 Beer Bar list. I’ve been in Los Angeles a number of times, but couldn’t ever find the time to get over here. Alas I was working in Los Angeles again and after leaving dinner in a local Thai restaurant, I noticed that Blue Palms was less than 5 minutes away – a perfect opportunity. I punched the address into the GPS and headed over. When I was getting a little closer to the bar, I got a little bit confused. My GPS said I was there, but I didn’t see a bar anywhere. I saw a theater, but no bar. Then, I spotted “Blue Palms Brewhouse” written on the marquis above the bar.

While still being a little confused, I walked toward the building and realized that Blue Palms was actually located right on the side of The Henry Fonda Theater / The Music Box. The inside of the bar has very high ceilings. There were a number of tables set up which were at bar level. Everything was pretty dark inside and the tap menu was displayed using a digital projector. The digital projector was projecting the menu above the bar onto a screen that made to look like an old-school tube television.

I’ve been following this bar on facebook for a while and I always saw incredible beers going on tap there. Now I was finally here to try some. Some of the good ones that were on tap while I was there were Stone’s “Enjoy By”, Russian River’s Pliny The Elder, Firestone Walker’s Union Jack and assorted other California goodies. I ordered a pint of Pliny The Elder and took a seat at the bar. The bar seats about 10-15 people and has a television set up in the corner. There were a number of other people there that night, but still pretty calm and I was able to find a seat immediately.

Although the tap list was pretty damn awesome, I couldn’t keep my eyes from wandering to a locked stand-up refrigerator with a clear door located against a wall between the rest rooms and kitchen. There were a few small lights on the inside of the refrigerator displaying one of the best bottle displays I’ve seen in a bar. They had bottles that were incredibly hard to find such as Black Tuesday from The Bruery, Firestone XI through XV from Firestone Walker, 2010 Cuvee De Tomme from Lost Abbey among many others. The prices for these beers were pretty high ranging from $25-$90. Although it’s definitely not chump change, it’s still not bad considering you will DEFINITELY not find these on shelves anywhere. Good luck finding a Black Tuesday or Firestone XI at most other bars aside from this place.

This place is supposed to have really good food and is known for its signature truffle burger, but I was still so full of Thai food that I couldn’t even think about eating anything. I did look over and saw someone eating a burger that looked damn good, so that’s something I’ll have to get next time I’m there.

Although I wasn’t here for long, I knew it was a place that I wanted to visit again. However, it could become dangerous for my wallet considering the amount of amazing taps and bottles. This is a must stop if you’re in the Hollywood area of Los Angeles.

6124 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA



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