077XX Bus Tour: Monmouth County, NJ

Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands recently reached its one year anniversary. When the brewery first started, they had to start from scratch in selling their beer to local bars and restaurants. One of the first beers that they made was their 077XX, their East Coast IPA (or O’Dub, as I call it). To show appreciation to these bars and the fans of the brewery, Carton hosted their 2nd annual 077XX bus tour.

The goal of the bus tour is to visit some of the first bars in Monmouth County NJ that served Carton’s 077XX. To make the tour more interesting, Carton added different hops to the kegs of 077XX at each of the locations visited. The beer would then take the name of the zip code of the bar we were visiting (All the zip codes in Monmouth County start with 077 and with the last two number varying).

The bus met at the brewery that Friday night and took off to its first location – Maloney’s in Matawan NJ. Growlers were being passed around the bus and although everyone was in good spirits, it was still pretty quiet. After arriving at Maloney’s, I decided to do some damage control and ordered some food to go. With a night of drinking IPAs on the horizon, I needed to have some food in me. We hung around there for roughly 45 minutes, kicked the keg and headed to Brick Wall in Asbury Park. Everyone who came back on the bus seemed to be a lot livelier now that they had some beers in them. This just amplified more and more after each stop. The bus tour went in this order:

Maloney’s in Matawan, NJ (07747 with Galaxy hops – B on the map)

Brick Wall in Asbury Park (07712 with Centennial hops – C on the map)

Nip N’ Tuck in Long Branch (07740 with Simcoe hops – D on the map)

Boyle’s Tavern in Ocean Township (07750 with Nelson Sauvon hops – E on the map)

Jamian’s Food and Drink in Red Bank (07701 with Apollo hops- F on the map)

Twin Light Tap House in Highlands (07732 with Cascade hops– G on the map).

Of all of the variations of 077XX, my favorite was 07750 from Boyles. Lucky enough, Boyles has an arrangement with Carton and gets this 07750 variation fairly regularly. The trip was a blast but got pretty hazy at the end. As you can tell from the map, we hit the last 5 spots pretty rapidly. As the trip went on, more and more people joined us on the bus from all of the different bar locations. We even picked up someone with a bike at one point. Everyone had a great time and the trip was a complete success. I’m planning on going again next year. This is HIGHLY recommended to anyone who lives in NJ and wants to drink some great beer in a bunch of awesome beer bars in Monmouth County NJ. However, be prepared because you will likely become 0-Dubbed at the end.

Twin Light Tap House
128 Bay Ave
Highlands, NJ 07732

119 Main Street
Matawan, NJ 07747

Brick Wall
522 Cookman Ave
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

Nip & Tuck
23 Norwood Ave
Long Branch, NJ 07747

Boyle’s Tavern
2 Willow Ave
Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750

79 Monmouth Street
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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