Evil Twin Brewing: Imperial Biscotti Break

I was originally looking for the regular version of Biscotti Break, but found this Imperial version instead. I’m certainly not complaining. Although the price tag was pretty high on this beer, I couldn’t pass it up. Evil Twin has a great reputation and I figured that splurging a little bit couldn’t hurt. Anyways, I always like trying a new dessert beer, so why not?

The beer pours a very dark brown color and almost looks like black coffee. This beer didn’t have a large head when poured. The head started off looking light brown in color and seemed like it got lighter as I let it breathe. It then slowly disappeared leaving some light colored lacing flowing down the sides of the glass.

The smell is exactly what you would expect. It reeks of coffee, vanilla and chocolate with a stout backbone. The vanilla brings a certain softness to it. It all melts together perfectly and actually smells like biscotti. There is a slight nutty smell beneath it all which sits in the background. Although I can recognize all of the different elements in this beer, none of it smells artificial.

The taste is obviously pretty sweet, which isn’t surprising considering it’s a beer with a flavor profile based off an Italian pastry. I get a mixed taste of chocolate and coffee at first impression which is immediately followed by a burst of almonds and vanilla. The finish is where I feel this beer gets very interesting. I taste all of these elements put together but if I search for each one, I can find them individually. The stout base that is used for this beer holds it together perfectly. It’s not overpowering and allows the coffee, chocolate and vanilla beans to shine through. Just as with the smell – this beer has a lot going on, but still doesn’t taste artificial. It literally tastes like biscotti in a bottle.

This is definitely a sipper beer and rightfully so. The smell and taste improves as it breathes, so I want to truly savor this. At 11.5% ABV, it drinks very well and I didn’t detect any heat. The mouth feel is full and coats the inside of your mouth with this. This is truly incredible.

Overall, this is a great beer. I truly enjoyed the way this had so much of the specific dessert flavors and smell, yet didn’t come off as artificial. I definitely recommend picking this up if you see it. Although the price tag on it may be high, it’s worth every penny.


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