Alchemist Brewery: Waterbury, VT

On the way back from the Hill Farmstead 2nd Anniversary party I figured that I might as well check out the Alchemist cannery. I heard reports from people at the Anniversary Party that all the cans were sold out. But being so close, I thought that it can’t hurt to just check it out anyways. I had spent the night at a hotel in Burlington, and took Route 89 all the way over to the cannery. The brewery wasn’t too far off the highway and was a great quick pit stop.

They keep it pretty simple at the cannery. You walk inside and the tasting room and shop is the first thing you see. They have a few taps set up in the corner to the left side with a refrigerator behind them. Unfortunately the refrigerator was empty when I showed up. Apparently, with the Hill Farmstead event going on that weekend, a lot of people had the same idea I had – and they all stopped in to grab a case. Although I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to get a full case, I was still able to try Heady Topper fresh from the source. It was incredible to try this beer so fresh.

While drinking my sample, I took my own self-guided tour of the cannery. They didn’t allow anyone to walk around too close to the tanks, but there were small signs set up to explain what everything was. I was pretty interested in watching the canning machine at work, but it wasn’t running.

It was a quick stop and although disappointing that Heady Topper was sold out, I couldn’t regret stopping by since it really wasn’t out of the way at all. Although I wouldn’t drive out to Vermont specifically for the brewery, it’s still definitely worth going to if you’re in the Burlington area.


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