Of Love And Regret (Stillwater Artisanal Ales Restaurant): Baltimore, MD

It’s roughly a 3 or 4 hour drive from where I live to Washington DC. While on the way down to Savor this past month, I figured that I might as well check out the new Stillwater restaurant. The restaurant and bar is located appropriately on Brewers Hill in Baltimore Maryland.

I pulled up at around mid day on a Thursday and was able to find parking right across the street. Although it was metered, I knew I wasn’t going to exceed the 2 hour limit so it didn’t quite matter anyways. It’s a pretty easy place to find and was literally only a few minutes off any of the major highways that run through the city. I knew we’d be stopping by, grabbing some samples and food and then heading out.

When we walked in, we were immediately greeted by someone at the door who quickly seated us at the bar. Being starving from the long drive, my eyes immediately went to the food menu. There wasn’t a great deal of food on the lunch menu, but everything was well chosen. The appetizers really caught my eye – including grilled duck tongues, mussels, crispy pig ears, etc. There was a good variety entrées including fried chicken, steak, salmon and some other dishes. I chose to go with the Berber Burger – a burger topped with Moroccan spices, goat cheese, wilted arugula and sweet pickles. I had never thought to add those types of spices to a burger, but it came out incredible.

After being served, I paired my food up with a Stateside Saison. The 23 taps are mounted on what looks like half of wooden log mounted behind the bar. Most of the bar is wood, and the way that they have these mounted behind there creates a nice effect with the rest of the wood finishes in the place. The beer list here consists of both American and European craft beer, but obviously with a heavy leaning towards Stillwater beers – even including a Stillwater cold-brewed iced coffee on tap. Other breweries that I saw there were Evil Twin, Firestone Walker, Brewers Art, and Pub Dog. I decided to grab a Pub Dog Wild Cherry Porter as desert from my meal. They also offer a bottle list which gave the option to either drink the beers inside or take them home. This list was mostly dominated by Evil Twin and Stillwater beers.

I took a walk around the place after I was finished eating. The two upstairs areas weren’t completely finished yet, so they were a little baron. Although I don’t know what the third floor is going to be used for, I was told that it’s going to be for a gift and bottle shop. It really looks like they put a lot of work into that floor and I’m looking forward to it seeing it completed.

I know that this is going to be my pit stop every time I’m venturing in the DC or Baltimore area. I just hope that by next time, the other floors will be completed and I’ll have some more time to spend there. I also hope that next time, I remember to order the duck tongues.


1028 S Conkling St
Baltimore, MD 21224


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