The Boiler Room: Chicago, IL

Each spring a friend and I meet up in Chicago and explore what the city has to offer beer and food wise. We’ve been doing this for the past three years and have come a long way with our explorations. What started as a pilgrimage to Goose Island for Bourbon County Stout and other goodies, has turned into an annual tradition.

This year has probably been the most successful trip to Chicago in terms covering ground. We went to a bunch of places, so these next couple entries here are going to be devoted to some of the places we went to on our trip. One of the places we decided to check out was The Boiler Room.

The Boiler Room is located in the Logan Square section of Chicago and is literally spitting distance from the California stop on the Blue Line. The outside is simple is a very simple and easy to see. It’s painted all black and The Boiler Room is painted above the entrance in white. On the right side, there’s an ATM, which is very convenient considering that this is a cash only bar.

The inside of has one of the most interesting designs I’ve seen in a bar. When walking in, there is a pizza oven and a rotating heater to keep the pizza warm behind a counter on the left. However, your eyes will immediately be directed to the bar. The bar uses bar-height lawn-chair style seating with red straps instead of typical bar stools. Behind the bar are two projection screen televisions which play movies all night. The movies play more for a visual effect instead of actual entertainment. They don’t play the sound to the movies playing – which is a shame because Super Troopers was playing on the projector while I was in there. The movie is being projected onto a screen that’s inside what looks like massive drainage pipes. The rest of the seating area is arranged in a similar industrial design. The seating and tables are a mesh of the same red straps that are on the bar chairs, along with Plexiglas, stainless steel and wood. My description probably doesn’t do it justice, so just look at the picture below.

The beer selection there isn’t huge, but they have a well thought out collection featuring rotating taps from Three Floyds, Great Lakes, Dark Horse and Founders. Needless to say, craft beer is well represented there. While I was there I drank Zombie Dust from Three Floyds.

The beer wasn’t the full reason why I visited this place though. My main reason was to get drunk on ice cream – and I’m not talking about a food coma. One of the features at The Boiler Room is their soft serve ice cream spiked with alcohol. While there, I ate two separate ice cream cones. One of which was spiked with Jameson and the other one was spiked with vanilla and orange vodka. Although I felt strange sitting a bar eating an ice cream cone, it was still was better than taking a shot.

This is a great place to stop for a slice of pizza, drink a beer and get drunk off ice cream. Although it seems like it’s far off the beaten path, keep in mind that The Map Room – an awesome beer bar – is located at the same subway stop.

2210 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


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