The Daily Pint: Santa Monica, CA

I’m pretty sure that most serious beer lovers have heard of Draft magazine. In their last issue, they released their latest list of top beer bars in America. Being someone that travels a lot, I figured it is probably my duty to try to visit as many of those bars as possible. Daily Pint made the list for one of the best beer bars in America, specifically the west coast region.

I had just picked my brother up from the airport and we were sitting in awful LA traffic. We were on our way to Hollywood to check out Surly Goat, but the weight of traffic lay greatly on my shoulders and I decided to make a quick change of plans and head to The Daily Pint. The Daily Pint is located in Santa Monica California, roughly 2 minutes off of Route 10. Parking is scarce and typically people need to either park on the street, or across the street at the Virginia Avenue Park. At first glance, the place doesn’t seem too impressive. It looks like your normal neighborhood bar. However, inside boasts an incredible beer selection and by far the best scotch, whiskey and bourbon selections I’ve ever seen anywhere.

The bar is split into two separate areas. The one area is the bar which has it’s back against the dividing wall and reaches almost all the way across the entire venue. The bar area is dark with only a few lights coming off the wall opposite the bar. There was also a little bit of light coming from behind the bar, but it was mostly dimmed due to the massive array of scotch, bourbon and whiskey on display. The other side of the venue is a little more relaxed. I believe I remember seeing a pool table, and there was definitely a huge projection screen playing a Lakers game. Beneath the screen sits a bunch of kegs waiting to be tapped. I spotted a Pliny The Younger keg there, but unfortunately didn’t get to try any.

The staff is very knowledgeable and really knows their beer and spirits. The beer menu is written on a chalk board opposite the bar and changes pretty frequently. There were roughly 20-30 beers on tap and they some bottles as well. They also had some beers on nitro, and two casks. While I was there I had a Deschutes Obsidian Stout on nitro, a cask conditioned Stone Smoked Porter aged on vanilla beans, and a Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale.

My brother is a scotch drinker and had no idea what to pick. The menu was overwhelming with how many there were. There were literally over 175 different types to choose from. However, if you talk to the bar tender, he’s able to narrow it down according to how much you’re looking to spend and what you like to drink. The price is key when ordering some of these since you can easily get your tab into the hundreds when drinking old fine scotches.

We stuck around here for over an hour and a half talking with people and drinking awesome beer and scotch. It’s basically a mecca for those things. On the way out there was a food truck which was feeding a bunch of people from the bar. I wish I had remembered the name of it because everything smelt fantastic.

This is truly a fantastic bar for a number of reasons. Of course one of the reasons is the selection. It’s incredible. However, the whole vibe inside was really great. Everyone seemed pretty friendly and just there to have a good time. The bartender was really knowledgeable about everything on the menu I asked about – which is something that’s very important if you’re going to be spending $40 on some amazing whiskey. I’d truly recommend coming to this place. It doesn’t shock me that it made it on Draft Magazine’s top 10. It’s definitely in mine.

2310 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405


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