Southern Tier: 2X Stout

I picked this up at the brewery on December 23rd 2011. The bottling date was December 19th 2011. I haven’t seen this around where I live and with good reason. It hasn’t come to New Jersey yet. Needless to say, I was pretty happy to get my hands on a 6 pack.

This pours a deep brown and black color. While putting it up to the light, you can see the brown shine through in the background. I tried to produce a head and although I was able to get 1 finger out of it, it still disappeared pretty quickly and left a very small amount of lacing around the glass.

The smell is predominantly chocolate and roasted malt. It has a creamy background which softens the smell and brings the two together nicely.

When I tasted this beer, I knew what to expect. Milk stouts typically all have the same profile. This had a creamy chocolate taste married with roasted malt. However, the one main difference with this as opposed to others is how hop forward it was. After the initial sweetness, you’re hit with bitterness and a slight alcohol burn. The bitterness lasts long into the finish.

This beer has a medium mouth feel and is very creamy. Although it’s not a heavy beer, it’s still pretty filling. Not sessionable but you could get away with having a few.

All together I think this is a decent milk stout, but the bitter finish sort of threw me off. I would have liked to have kept the sweetness throughout. I did it in enjoy this though and hope that Southern Tier continues to make more beers in this 2X series. I’m currently drinking this the day after a snow-storm and it’s doing a good job of hitting the spot.


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