Purity Matrix: Determining The Process

To further explain the process that will be taking place for this project, I’ve developed this flow chart. As you can tell from the previous post, the only element that we’ve completely committed to has been the malt. I will be updating this in full to include all the types of materials once we have acquired them.

One thing that we have decided is the process. We’ll be starting with a 10 gallon mash. This will then flow into three separate boils. Each of these boils will have different hops added to them. We have not determined what intervals we’d like to add the hops yet. After the boil is completed, we’ll be separating the wort from each boil into three separate containers. The three containers from each of the batches will receive three different types of yeast – a different type in each container of each wort type. In the end of this, there will be 9 different beers with the same malt type. We will repeat this process two more times with a different malt type. This process will allow us to taste beers vertically between malt types, hops types and yeast yeast- allowing us a complete picture on how they interact with each other. Refer to the flow chart below for a better explanation of how we’re doing this. The batch size may be subject to change.

In this flow chart:
X = Malt
Y = Hops
Z = Yeast


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